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D Minor Lark Hand Pan - 9 Note Steel Drum

Experience the Soothing Melodies of Lark Music Hand Pan in D Minor - 9 Notes Steel Hand Drum with Bronze Surface!

- Versatile: The 9 notes of the hand pan in D Minor allow for a wide range of melodies and harmonies to be played, making it a versatile instrument for various genres of music.
- Portable: With a diameter of 2
- 8 inches (58cm), this hand drum is easy to carry around and can be played anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for traveling musicians or for those who want to take their music with them on the go.

The Lark Music hand pan in D Minor is a beautiful and unique instrument that is perfect for musicians and music lovers alike. With 9 notes made of steel, this hand drum produces a rich and soothing sound that is both calming and inspiring. The bronze surface of the drum adds to its visual appeal, making it a beautiful addition to any collection. Measuring at 22.8 inches (58cm), it is easy to carry around and play wherever you go. The D Minor scale produces a haunting and melancholic sound that is perfect for creating emotional and evocative music. Overall, the Lark Music hand pan in D Minor is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the beauty and power of music.